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Beehive In Your Backyard? Please, Don't Kill Them! top
Bees Are Useful. Call the Bee Whisperer instead!

Marty Hardison has developed the reputation of local "Bee Whisperer". Marty has asked that anyone finding a swarm of bees please call him rather than an exterminator. Marty will come by and capture them and get them to a good home as quickly as possible. There is no charge for the service. Marty actively searches for bee swarms like that in the photo below. Marty's cell phone is 303-619-5156.

(Info and photos courtesy of long time Walnut Hills resident Dave Amen)

Got Snow?!? top From Jeryl Tippetts, Walnut Hills Civic Assoc., 303-713-1822.

The Walnut Hills Civic Assoc. has established a regular snow shovelling service for those not able to take care of their walks during the winter. This may not last forever, but right now we have a wonderful volunteer corps that does this work. Anyone wishing to join in can give me a call. We could not do this without strong, willing volunteers! Many, many thanks to the those who help make our neighborhood a better place to live. If you find you are needing this service, please call, and we'll do our best to find a willing volunteer.

Coyotes In Your Backyard? top The following websites for important information:

Colorado Division of Wildlife City of Centennial
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