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Community Meeting - Rezoning and Site Plan Application for 7777 E. Peakview Ave June 2017 - New Ordinances Willow Bend Redevelopment Coyotes
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Community Meeting - Rezoning and Site Plan Application for 7777 E. Peakview Avetop

Re: Case No. LU-17-00266, E. Peakview Ave. Mixed-Use
Location: Rezoning 7777 E. Peakview Ave., Centennial, CO 80111

Please be advised that the Garrett Companies (the " Applicant ") on behalf of Peakview-Denver Two, LLC (the "Owner") proposes to rezone the property associated with 7777 E. Peakview Ave., Centennial, CO 80111. The property is legally described as LOT 2, BLOCK 1, PEAKVIEW HEIGHTS FILING NO. 3, COUNTY OF ARAPAHOE, STATE OF COLORADO (AIN: 2075-21-3-42-002, consisting of 4.4740 acres, more or less), TRACT A, PEAKVIEW HEIGHTS FILING NO. 3, COUNTY OF ARAPAHOE, STATE OF COLORADO (AIN: 2075-21-3-42-003, consisting of .4290 acres, more or less), and TRACT B, PEAKVIEW HEIGHTS FILING NO. 3, COUNTY OF ARAPAHOE, STATE OF COLORADO (AIN: 2075 -21-3-42-004, consisting of .5070 acres, more or less), from Business Park (BP100) to Activity Center (AC) under the Land Development Code (see vicinity map on next page). The Planning and Zoning Commission must make a recommendation to the City Council. City Council ultimately decides the rezoning request.

A public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission will be conducted for the referenced application at:

Time:       6:00 PM
Wednesday, January 10, 2018
City of Centennial Civic Center Council Chambers 13133 E. Arapahoe Road, Centennial, CO 80112

A public hearing before the City Council will be conducted for the referenced application at:

Time:        7:00 PM
:        Monday, February 5, 2018
City of Centennial Civic Center Council Chambers 13133 E. Arapahoe Road, Centennial, CO 80112

As a neighboring property owner and member of the public, you are encouraged to attend this public hearing. Questions on the application or hearing may be directed to Kelly Hickler at (303) 754-3378 or khickler@centennialco.gov.



June 2017 - New Ordinancestop

New ordinances issued June, 2017.



Willow Bend Redevelopmenttop

After pursuing several avenues with the Developer, Southgate Water and Sanitation District (the District) and the City of Centennial to secure a continuous, 8’ high solid wall between the commercial development and Willow/Briarwood Streets, no easement variance and/or easement vacation can be obtained across the 30' wide District easement. As a result, a 12 foot wide access gate/removable panel will be required. This requirement will not affect the remaining sections of wall along the Willow/Briarwood Streets or at the adjacent property lines.

At our September, 2016 meeting, the Board discussed, aesthetic treatment, gate vs. panel, locking mechanism and the community desire to eliminate access between the commercial and residential uses.

Walnut Hills Civic Association Board meetings are open to the public. Please attend our regularly scheduled meetings to hear first-hand the WHCA Board discussions, to provide public input during the ‘Concerns from Residents’ agenda item and hear the board determined course of action.

WHCA Board meetings:
2nd Thursday each month at 7:00pm
Metrum Credit Union
6980 S. Holly Circle
Centennial, CO 80112


The following websites for important information:

Colorado Division of Wildlife

City of Centennial

Lighting Contesttop

The Annual Lighting contest winners have been announced. Please visit the Community Events page!

Two New Centenial Ordinancestop

Please refer to the City of Centennial Public Hearings, Ordinances & Resolutions page for a complete listing.

A new ordinance approved by the City Council on 5 Dec. is intended to prevent obstruction of pedestrian and vehicular traffic on Centennial's streets and sidewalks. The ordinance provides for a fine of up to $1,000 for violators who place (or allow to accumulate) items on public sidewalks & roadways, or who allow materials on private property to encroach on or above public sidewalks & roadways.

This means, among other things, that the ordinance prohibits obstructing sidewalks with trash containers, landscape materials, trash, debris, etc. or placing snow and ice on them (i.e., when shoveling/clearing walks & driveways). This does not make snow shoveling mandatory, but you need to shovel onto your property! The practice of placing snow and ice on public streets is prohibited by this ordinance. Shoveling into the street often creates an ice block or dam in the street and can be dangerous. Additionally, the ordinance prohibits items on private property from "encroaching" on sidewalks & roadways: 8' above in the case of sidewalks, and 15' for roadways. A typical example of this would be a portable basketball hoop, which people often leave on the sidewalk or street, or extending over the sidewalk or street or your bushes & trees.

What should citizens do with their trash containers, bagged leaves, bundled materials and large appliances which are to be picked up by trash haulers? The ordinance permits these items to be placed on public property (for example at curbside) as long as the items are NOT on the sidewalk or other pedestrian way, and as long as they are not there for over 24 hours. Nor can you park a vehicle to block the sidewalk.

Another important new ordinance approved by the City Council on 5 Dec. refers to Sight Triangles, at all street corners. They must remain free of anything that could block the view of a vehicle turning the corner, with certain, very specific exceptions.

Traffic Studytop

As part of the I-25/Arapahoe Interchange Environmental Assesment, a traffic study was conducted in May, 2011 to obtain baseline data regarding existing traffic volumes and cutthrough traffic circulation within the Walnut Hills neighborhood.

The purpose of the study was to quantify the amount of traffic cutting through the Walnut Hills neighborhood during peak commuting hours. A copy of the 30 page study is available here (pdf).

The Garbage Mantop

At its December, 2011 board meeting, the Walnut Hills Civic Association agreed to provide information to members and potential members regarding a discount offered by the Garbage Man, a family owned trash hauling service based in Parker. Bob Rhoades, attended our meeting to let us know of the company´s´ discounted rates. The discount increases as more Civic Association members sign up with their service. The Garbage Man´s starting rate is less expensive than many service providers out there.

Board members asked lots of questions about the company and its service and concluded that this announcement would be beneficial to the community. There are trash trucks in our neighborhood almost every week day. They add to the noise and air pollution and tear up the street. Wouldn´t it be nice to have one provider one day a week? If you are interested in benefiting the community and your pocketbook at the same time give the Garbage Man a call at 720-842-4558. The collection day is Friday; they bring the containers back to the house and provide recycling every other week.

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